10 Fancy Luxury Dog Houses That You Need To See To Believe

Every dog moms and dog dads want to keep their canine babies to be well groomed and well cared too. More so, just like how they are taken care of indoors, they also make sure to give the same outdoors. For this, a well-built doghouse is a great idea to protect your dogs. In relation to that, these 10 fancy Luxury Dog Houses that you need to see to believe will surely encourage you to get one for your pups right away.

Why Do Dogs Need A House of Their Own?

It might seem unnecessary to buy a doghouse for your canine baby. Yet, dogs also need to be exposed outdoors to develop a variety of skills they need. Just like us, dogs are also sensitive to weather conditions. So pay attention to this factors and keep your dog under the protection of a good build doghouse.

10 Fancy Luxury Dog Houses Best For Your Dog

To see is to believe. For that reason, we will bring you 10 of the fanciest looking Luxury Dog Houses to make you believe. Get a grip of yourself and be ready to be amazed shortly.

#1 Amazingly Spacious All-Weather Two-Part Pet Home (Light)

Are you looking for a doghouse that can cater to multiple dogs at the same time? If you do, this Luxury Dog House is a great choice for you. This amazingly spacious doghouse can accommodate even one large dog inside. Its dimensions are 73”W x 39” D x 42”H. More so, it has a 2 dog free doors with unique house design. And it is constructed in solid wood so you can guarantee the safety of your dog/dogs.


#2 Kiln-Dried Cedar All-Purpose Wooden Dog House

In one look, you can say that this Luxury Dog House is one of a kind. Made 100% by hand, the 21”W x 29” D x 26”H doghouse is designed for small dogs. Like so, the excellent brown colored cedar and latticework fence of this doghouse will surely get your attention. It also has an added balcony and deck so your dog can surely enjoy living under the sun.


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#3 Beautifully Constructed Oak Outdoor Dog House

Don’t leave this one out of the list. Why? Because this unique looking Luxury Dog House offers more than just aesthetics. This oak outdoor doghouse is a reliable item to provide your dogs a strong shelter. Measuring 41”W x 33” D x 36.25”H, this slatted doghouse can cater to medium sized dogs. Also, it purely handmade so you can be assured of quality unique work.


#4 Delightfully Spacious Rustic Wooden Dog Houses

Want your canine babies to enjoy a comfortable doghouse? This Luxury Dog House is spacious and cozy so you can’t ignore the need to buy as soon as you see it. With its 39”W x 35” D x 33”H dimensions, this doghouse is best for medium sized dogs.


#5 Beautifully Rustic Wooden Dog House with Door

It would be so nice to see how your dog resides comfortably in this Luxury Dog House. With its 51”W x 26.2” D x 8.4”H, this artwork is best for small and medium-sized dogs. Like so, it is constructed using quality wood materials and it is one of a kind. The only doghouse with an actual door is here.


#6 Beautifully-Built Multi-Function Large Dog House

Your furry friend definitely needs this multi-function doghouse right away. This extraordinary A-Frame outdoor doghouse accommodates 2 stainless food bowls and a storage cubby. Surely, your pet will love this item.


#7 Comfortably Spacious Oak Outdoor Dog House

Shield your pet from the striking heat of the sun and other unavoidable weather conditions with this Luxury Dog House. It has an elevated floor so your dog will stay dry even through heavy rains. Furthermore, its log-cabin design creates a charming look that can urge anyone desire placing it in their yard.


#8 Red/White Farm-Style All-Purpose Dog Houses for Big Dogs

Get the farm-like vibe with this Luxury Dog House. Made with natural cedar, this dog house is covered with wine red color with a whitish accent so you don’t have the choice but to stick your eyes on it. Compatible only to carry above 80 pounds, it comprises an elevated detachable floor and linked roof to keep your canine friends dry and safe.


#9 Gracefully Spacious All-Weather Duplex Dog House

One of the best doghouse designs is a duplex doghouse. This gray colored 35 pounds doghouse can cater medium to large dog. Also, it has a vented window that has air holes in it so you are sure that your dog receives a good amount of air. So, let your pet enjoy this duplex doghouse now.


#10 Beautifully Detailed Historical All-Weather Large Dog House

As they say it, “Save the best for last”. Once you see this Luxury Dog House, you will surely believe. Believe that your dog will love it. Two large dogs can live comfortably in this detailed historical doghouse. Comprised with easily assembled parts, this picturesque work is high-quality and aesthetic.

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