10 Cleaning Hacks That Will Help Any Dog Owner

10 dog cleaning hacks

Life with a furry pet is sometimes messy. Dogs are not like us who know how to settle things in proper places. Animals tend to leave their wastes anywhere inside or outside the house, which frustrates most pet owners. Some dog owners have no time to overly check the house, whether it is ruined or not. That is where the problem comes in.

Dog’s cuteness cannot cure an upset dog parent. So, what is the remedy? Thanks to the cleaning hacks that can help dog owners to lighten the burden in cleaning home stuff. No need to spend extra to make the hacks work. Here are the ten cleaning hacks to make the life of every dog parent free from worries:

1. Fur-free Cleaning Hacks

Dog’s hair may get everywhere that might cause allergies to some of the households. You cannot get rid of it by only picking the fur by bare hands. There are four hacks to eliminate loose dog hair, including:

  • Cover up the furniture because dogs might stay on a sofa and leaves fur on it so that you will throw the covers in the wash.
  • Rub dryer sheets on fabric to pick up the dog’s hair.
  • Use rubber gloves instead of bare hands in picking fuzzes.
  • Get a packing tape and roll it over to your clothes to pick up dog hair.

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2. Eliminating Pet Stains And Foul-odors

Dogs usually leave gross stains on carpets or furniture. Baking soda and vinegar have got your back! First is to pour vinegar on the affected area right away to neutralize the ammonia caused by the dog’s urine. Then, cover up the spot with baking soda for a day to absorb the liquid. Vacuum the area until it becomes spotless.

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3. Cover Up Scratch Marks

There is a dog habit so-called scratching that leaves marks, especially on wooden furniture. It is a visible mark that needs to be covered. A walnut works effectively in covering up small scratches on fixtures through its natural oils. Rub the walnut over the spot and let it absorb the oils. There is no need to paint the furniture all over again. Thus, the lesser cost to spend.

4. Clearing Out Drain Due To Dog Hair

Showering a dog may cause drain congestion because of its falling fur. The baby wipe hack can fix the problem. Put a baby wipe on the drain to stop dog hair from getting into it that eventually causes a blockage. You can use other drain catchers, such as fine fibers, to prevent clogging.

5. Tick Remover Hack

Ticks are dangerous to anyone’s health, including human beings. After washing the dog, it is the best time to remove ticks and other parasites living on its coat and fur. Prepare a pair of tweezers to be used as tick remover. Be gentle in doing so. Get a jar of alcohol and put on the ticks. The alcohol kills the ticks ultimately. Always wear gloves in doing this hack.

6. Removing Dog Hair On Clothes

Do the opposite way of cleaning your clothes. Instead of putting the clothes in a washing machine, get it through the dryer first.  Let the clothes dry up for 10 minutes, which is a great way to eliminate dog hair. At this instant, you can proceed to wash just like the usual way.

7. Preventing Muddy Paws

Muddy paws are reasonable when you let the dogs play outdoors during summer. It causes dirt whenever the pet enters the house, and that is annoying and nerve-wracking.

There is a training hack to eliminate the need for cleaning the floors from time to time. A mat is not enough to fully implement a clean house policy with dogs. By the door, there must be a bowl of warm water, pet-safe wipes, and a towel. Set an inspection time before the dog comes in.

This hack could be hard at first, but consistency helps. Positive effects will be seen in the long run, such as saving money and cleaning efforts.

8. Improvised Dog Food Holder

Dog food is prone to decay when not stored properly. An extra kitchen drawer could be the best place to put on dog food. It is easier to get some amount in times of feeding. When the drawer is empty, cleaning it is a lot easier by just wiping the remains away.

9. Spotting Urine Stains

Sometimes owners neglect to oversee the dogs on where they pee or leave their waste. One way to easily spot urine stains is by having a UV black light. The device can detect the exact troubled place for a clean-up. Through this hack, urinated areas won’t stay unclean for a very long time. Letting the urine or other wastes remain in one place overtime may result in a long-lasting lousy odor.

10. Well-groomed Feeding Hack

Hungry pets eat chaotically. They eat food way too fast without even chewing it, which can harm their health in some ways. You can slow down the pet’s eating speed with a puzzle bowl that is slightly expensive for some. Happily, there is an alternative to avoid spending much to achieve a well-groomed feeding routine.

Instead of buying a puzzle bowl, why not look for a muffin tin? It is an efficient option to stop the unhealthy eating habits of your pup.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it can be tiring to clean the house over and over again because of the dog’s mess. The cleaning hacks above made me realize how easy it is to keep the house crystal clean even with a dog. Generally, owning even one dog demands your time and effort. It comes with a lot of responsibilities to become a fur parent. So, take the cleaning process as a challenge.

Do you have friends who love dogs, too, but having a hard time cleaning their pet’s mess? Share this post with them to send help. I encourage you to share more cleaning hacks below. Let us make every dog owner’s lives comfier than ever! 

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