10 Best Dog Breeds for Families and Children

Best Dog Breeds for Families and Children

While the Lady and Tramp is a fun movie to watch, they are probably not the best basis for you to choose a family dog. Adopting a dog is choosing a new family member. It is not a decision that is to be taken lightly but requires proper research for a new fur-baby. Check out these traits to look for and our picks for the 10 best dog breeds for families and children

The decision becomes even more important when there are kids involved. Its a fact that some dog breeds which are not great for children and families. They may be naturally aggressive or nervous or simply prefer a low-key home environment. However, regardless of breed, the most important thing to do is make sure you train your dog properly. Training and care can matter more than breed. Check out these 10 must have puppy training tips to get started.

If you are looking for the best family dog breeds, here are some of the qualities you need to look for:

1. Size and Sturdiness

Dog Breeds according to the Size and Sturdiness

Children are not always as gentle as they should be, so you might want a dog that will be resilient and patient. This is both for your dog’s happiness and child’s safety. “Toy” or miniature breeds are known for being delicate and nervous, so they might not be a great choice.


2. Energetic

Energetic Dog Breeds

Similar to the first quality, the perfect family-kid-friendly dog breeds have plenty of energy to spare. They need to able to keep up with children without getting irritated or exhausted.


3. Temperament

Temperament Dog Breeds

Temperament is a dog’s personality. When choosing a family dog breed, you should look for an agreeable temperament. For example, a calmer dog has the ability to form a strong bond and become a great companion to your children.


4. Friendly

Friendly Dog Breeds

Friendliness is a trait that is hard to quantify and can vary by individual pets. However, when looking for a new pup to welcome to your family, it is important to choose one with an open and warm demeanor. Avoid dog breeds that are known for being nervous, impatient, violent or aggressive.


5. Intelligent

Intelligent Dog Breeds

All dogs need to be trained and it is especially important for children. Your new pooch needs to know that no means no as soon as possible for the safety of your children.


Top 10 Best Family Dog Breeds

Some dogs can tolerate kids at home. However, these breeds will not only be just your kid’s pet— they will become their best friend, playmate, and confidante. Here are the top 10 best family dog breeds to adopt.


1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Of course, Golden Retriever takes the first place. Golden Retrievers are known to be loyal, kind, smart and confident dogs. Neither timid nor aggressive, these dogs are extremely patient which makes them perfect for kids.

And while this breed requires a lot of exercises, they love to play, particularly “retrieving” games. Oftentimes, you will find that this fun-loving breed is also obedient and affectionate meaning your kids will fall in love in an instant. Proper care for their awesome golden coats needs brushing twice a week and while it can live outdoors, they usually prefer to be indoors with their humans.


2. Beagles

Beagles Dog Breed

The cam temperament and small size of beagles make them a great choice for families. And in case your kids love to play outdoors, then this breed will surely fit in since there is nothing they love more than taking to the trails and exploring the outside. Originally, beagles were kept as hunting dogs and their sturdy build means that they are never too tired to play a game of hiding and seek.

Happy, friendly and smart, Beagles love the company of other pets (but you need to be prepared for a bit of chasing here and there). However, this breed does shed and needs frequent bathing and brushing.


3. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers Dog Breed

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds out there and for a good reason. They are playful, reliable, protective, loving, patient, plus they are highly intelligent and take really well to training. This breed needs a lot of exercises, so be sure that your kids and family is up for the challenge.

Whether it is yellow, chocolate or black variety, you will find that all Labradors share the same obedience, strength, and stamina that make them a popular breed. They are friendly and sociable dogs that get along really well with other pets and everyone they meet. Also, their short coats mean that they only require a weekly combing in order to keep them healthy and clean.


4. Collie

Collie Dog Breed

Collies are a variety of dog breeds like Bearded Collie and Border Collie, so your option for a family collie is not limited to one. Collies are a predictable and gentle dog breed that is easily trained and rarely misbehaves. This breed gets along pretty well with kids, loves to please their human and protects their family at all cost.

Although Collies are usually mild-mannered, they were originally bred as herding dogs (so yours may try and herd your children). At first, this might be amusing, but it is best to discourage the child-herding. Collies have natural long hairs and need regular grooming in order to keep its coat in good shape. An intelligent and sensitive breed, Collies are both stubborn and gentle so you might want to keep obedience training in mind.


5. Poodle

Poodle Dog Breed

Aside from their distinctive hairstyles and cuts, Poodles are gentle, smart, proud, loyal and caring dogs. They are available in both standard and miniature sizes, so you can choose a particular size that best matches your home environment. They are a great match for kids with allergies since they only shed very little.

Each breed has their own perks. For instance, the standard breed is very smart, obedient, adventurous and playful. Miniature breeds, on the other hand, dedicate themselves to a single person; in particular, however, they are good with other kids and pets. They are also playful, obedient, responsive and smart, making them a good match for kids too. Regardless of the Poodle breed, their coats still need scheduled grooming.


6. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Unfairly named as an aggressive breed of dog, the Bull Terrier is actually bred to be a companion dog which is loving and friendly to kids and grown-ups alike. This sturdy built dog has a high threshold of pain making it a perfect match for rowdy kids who are learning how to properly treat a dog.

Bull Terrier might often be a mischief, particularly when it comes to other small dogs and pets. You can avoid any problems by keeping this breed physically and mentally active each day. Their flat, short coat is quite easy to care and they are best as a housedog with an easy access to the yard for playtime.


7. Irish Setter

Irish Setter Dog Breed

Popular for its red coat, Irish Setters are energetic, playful and loves being around with humans and plays really well with kids. As a matter of fact, Irish Setters loves to be with their family all times that they hate being alone.

This breed requires a lot of exercises and is a perfect match for energetic kids. It is a trainable and smart companion as well as great in greeting new people that come into your home.


8. Newfoundland

Newfoundland Dog Breed

Newfoundland is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They happened to love kids and are very protective of them, thus they are dubbed as “Nature’s Babysitter”. Patient, kind, and gentle, this dog breed is like the Mother Teresa of dogs.

Although this breed is known to shed excessively and drool, these should not be a reason to left them outdoors. Newfoundland wants to be with his family so they suit families with large open spaces. Moreover, they are a good swimmer and known to save lives in emergency situations.


9. Vizsla

Vizsla Dog Breed

While this breed is not exactly a common household breed, because it needs regular exercise, it is actually one of the best dog breeds for energetic and active families with older kids. This breed has a lively disposition but with a gentle manner as well as affectionate and loyal. It is also smart, confident and obedient which forms a close bond with its human and is able to learn tricks real quick.


10. Bulldog

Bulldog Dog Breed

For a patient, devoted pup that is sure to act affectionately towards children, Bulldog is the dog breed you can have. With a sturdy build, they are a perfect match for children who like to play roughhouse. This breed, however, will never win the “most energetic” awards. A friendly, docile and loyal dog, bulldogs also gets along with other dogs and pets.

If you are interested in Bulldogs, keep in mind that their jaws require extra cleaning and you will experience snoring, wheezing and more drooling. Their coat, on the other hand, requires minimal care, although folds around their face and tails will need regular cleanup to prevent dirt buildups.

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