10 Amazingly Interesting Golden Retriever Facts You Should Know

golden retriever facts

Golden retrievers are one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. But apart from their cute looks, here are 10 golden retriever facts that will only make you love them more.

Maybe you’re looking to adopt a golden of your own, a proud parent of one (or more!), a golden retriever aficionado, or just a dog lover in general, either way it’s always fun to learn new things about different dog breeds. So chillax and join me as we learn more about golden retrievers within the next few paragraphs.

1. Golden Retrievers Are a Noble Breed

And I don’t just mean because of the air of regality that they exude. The breed came into existence in the 19th century mainly due to the efforts of Lord Tweedmouth. They were first bred in Scotland from flat coated retriever and water spaniel (a now extinct breed) ancestors.

2. They Had A Myth Attached To Their Origins

Despite their noble origins, there was actually a myth that the first golden was accidentally born from Russian sheepdogs… from a circus. Obviously this was disproved eventually but it still ran for a while. Talk about some strange origins, right?

3. Golden Retrievers are Natural Swimmers

By instinct, golden retrievers are large water lovers. In fact, their outer coats are water repellent. This proved beneficial for hunting in environments where there were wetlands and rivers in addition to forests. Even to this day, goldens take like a fish to water.

4. They are. . .Retrievers!

Okay, so the name fits them because of several reasons. First, because they could retrieve hunted wildfowl on both land and water. Second, because their sense of smell is so exceptional that they’re extremely useful to have around on a hunt (or a search and rescue); and third, because they can retrieve the shot game without damage.

5. There Are Three Types of Goldens

Yup, as if one type wasn’t enough to overwhelm us with awesomeness. There are British, American, and Canadian types. Most of the differences lie on the physical attributes, but there is some variation in temperament as well.

golden retriever facts

6. Two American Presidents Had Golden Retrievers

Both President Ford and President Regan had golden retrievers as pets. President Gerald Ford’s was named Liberty (full name Honor’s Foxfire Liberty Hume), who even had a litter of puppies while she was at the White House.

7. They’re Not Choosy About The Company They Keep

Golden retrievers don’t discriminate when it comes to who they hang out with. Notable examples include one fostering a litter of wild dog puppies, as well as another who chills with a kangaroo (strangely enough both are named Lilly).

8. Goldens are Internationally Popular Dogs

And not just in America, where they are the third most popular breed by registration. They rank fifth in Australia (probably because they can chill with kangaroos, am I right), and eighth in the United Kingdom. Not shabby at all, huh?

9. They are Guinness World Record Holders

There are at least two golden retrievers in the world who are known Guinness World Record holders. The first one is for the loudest bark (beating even a chainsaw at 113.1 decibels), and the other is for the most number of tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth (five).

10. Golden Retrievers are Easy To Train

Talk about being real charmers. This breed is known for being obedient and easily trainable. In fact, the first three title holders for AKC’s obedience trials were all golden retrievers. Not only that, this trainability is exhibited by the fact that a lot of dog-centric films star goldens (I mean, have you seen the Air Bud films?)


So there you have it, 10 golden retriever facts. I hope you had just as much fun reading them as I did finding out about them, because just when I thought I couldn’t like golden retrievers more I find out these facts about them. Let’s just say that this breed has gone up a notch or two (or ten!) on the cool meter.

Do you have any more golden retriever facts to share? Let us know about it on the comments below!

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interesting facts about golden retriever


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