1 Way to Keep Your Dog Off the Couch or Bed

Here’s a quick tip you can use to keep your dog off the couch or bed, or any other piece of furniture you don’t want his slobbery goodness all over.

It’s called a Time Out. Let me explain.how to keep your dog off the couch or bed

The Problem: Dog Jumps Up on Couch

Here’s the typical scenario: Dog jumps on couch, you say “Get Off the Couch.” Your dog jumps down and gives you a sideways look.

Two seconds or two minutes later, your dog jumps back up on the couch. You say get down and your dog jumps down.

Wash, rinse and repeat a few times and you are starting to get frustrated. A few more times and you’re starting to lose your mind!

Next thing you know you’re screaming at the dog, chasing him around the house yelling at him that he doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t respect you, and doesn’t appreciate all the great things you do for him.

“Pickles!!!! Why won’t you listen?!?!”

Eek. I’ve been there. Not proud, but it’s funny how those things blow up and get personal.


The Solution: Doggie Time Out

Next time this happens to you, try this instead:

The first time your dog jumps up, you silently grab your dog off the couch and place your dog on the floor.

The second time your dog jumps up, you silently get up and take your dog by the collar to a designated time out room. A small, safe room like a bathroom. You close the door and walk away.

No matter how much noise your dog makes, you ignore your dog until there is quiet. After there is quiet, you let your dog out.

This is how you respond every time it happens.

The key is that there is no yelling. Many times dogs behave because they want attention. When you yell at them, you are giving them attention and reinforcing their behavior.

It works great for me!


I learned that technique from Doggy Dan. He has a website with training videos for about every issue. You can find out more about his program by clicking here.

p.s. The best part of the site is the forum where you can ask your own dog training questions and have them answered by a pro trainer. Valuable stuff!

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